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Do you find that you’re tired all the time?

June 29, 2017 - Natural

I’ve suffered with being tired all my life. I would yawn in the morning after 9-10 hours sleep as a 16 year old, I had unusual cravings, mostly for paper and concrete. I just thought this was normal and just tried to ignore it.

Becoming vegetarian at a very early age, so early I can’t remember exactly. I’m thinking like 8 or 9 years old (I’m sure my mum would know if I asked her.. ) I saw a dead rabbit handing up outside the local butchers, with all its fur on, It just upset me so much I vowed never to eat meat again. So I didn’t.

It was the early eighties, I knew nothing of supplementation and had no idea about vitamin deficiencies, neither did my parents. Once my mum stopped feeding me and I started cooking (warmed through frozen meals) for myself, tiredness was just part of my life. So I slept later and later and getting up was hell. My long suffering mother,  would often be late to work so she could take me to school.

When I got older I developed an eating disorder, starting as a teenager and through to young adulthood. I was definitely not getting the level of nutrition I needed. My tiredness levels were up and down and  through college and university my concentration suffered. My mind was all over the place.

Never at any point did I think to visit the doctors. Or relate any of my struggles to my poor diet. Thinking back I feel so sad for what I put my body through. How I passed my A levels and Degree is a mystery, but I do think now how much easier and better I would have done if I knew then what I do now.

Reaching my 30’s, I still remained tired, having to sleep 10 hours, and still yawning and yawning. My body started to ache, I had hip pain that meant I couldn’t walk for 2 weeks. My back ached. My fingers hurt, my body just felt so worn out. I had very little energy, after a day at work I would fall asleep on the couch at 7pm.

Another thing to briefly mention was my mental depression, I suffered with mood swings and low mood, and  depression on and off throughout my mid 20’s to mid thirties.

Whenever the hip pain hit me, I had to visit the doctors and they did various tests which showed up nothing except that I was seriously anemic. My iron Levels were extremely low. The doctors put me on 600mg of Ferrus Sulfate, which I bought from Boots that day. I felt better than I had ever remembered for my whole life after a week. My life felt like it changed, I didn’t yawn once that day. It was odd as everything had become so normal to me to constantly yawn, have no energy, sleep a lot. Now I didn’t need to, I could walk for hours, sleep less, and not yawn. My body didn’t ache anywhere near as much as it used to, my fingers just stopped hurting.

My life started to feel so different. I visited the doctor a few more times for check ups. It was a slow process but my iron levels returned to normal. They sent me away feeling they had done their job ( which I guess they sort of had).

However, If I missed the iron tablets for a day or two, I would begin to feel awful again. Now I noticed it more than ever. The iron tablets also blocked me up, I was constipated when taking them, so I would not take them for a few days in order to go the loo! But consequently I would be tired again and feel depressed. This would all happen so quickly, it just didn’t seem right. I found if i took the iron on an empty Stomach as recommended I would feel sick. I would also get headaches a lot.

After doing some research I found that I may actually have a B12 deficiency. This would have affected my body’s ability to absorb iron.  I went to the doctors to explain the research I had done, and got no real answers. I sought answers from other sources, and ended up consulting a Naturpath, this had has an amazing effect on me.

Today I fly, I am rarely tired, I walk my 2 dogs each morning, I work running two businesses, I do yoga… and I never tire. I sleep at bedtime and I’m awake and alert during the day, life is better than ever.

The supplements I take just in case you feel you have the same symptoms are :

Viridian Womens 40+ vitamins , Cytoplan Food State Iron with vitamin C, Methofolate, Cytoplan bi-lingual B12.
I also drink plenty of water, eat lots of green vegetables, and use a green powder.

If you suffer with anaemia or loss of energy or tiredness, I hope you now know you don’t need to, its not how we as humans should be on a daily basis, we should be FULL of life!