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September 16, 2016 - admin

SAMPLE SUNDAY  – 2nd October 2016 11am – 5pm

We’ve been asked so many times “what does this cheese taste like?”, “which is the best chocolate?” , “which tea tastes nice?”, so we thought…  “What a great IDEA!” Lets have a sample day!
So thats what we are doing… we have asked lots of our suppliers to load us up with samples samples samples that we can then let you taste for FREE!

So join us on the 2nd October to taste lots of goodies, including The Legendary Vegenaise, all 5 varieties, including the new jar of Sriracha (Hot Hot Hot). We also have what could be classed as the “most popular” Vegan cheese on the market .. VIOLIFE. We have all flavours to try (we think! theres so many to choose from now!) including one of our biggest sellers Pizza Flavour.

We have Bute Islands range of  “Sheese” which have in recent years updated their recipes and now seriously compete as some of the most authentic dairy free “cheese” around.

And the most famous “cheese” since Zizzi’s Announced their Dairy Free and Vegan Pizza would be topped with Mozzarisella.. we have different varieties to try out! see which is your favourite and is it as good as they say!

We have  Big Passion for RAW chocolate at Natural Healthy Foods, and what we modestly believe is the best range in the UK! If you have met any of the staff you will know that they really do love Raw chocolate, so on the day we will be sampling some of the very best including Pana, OMBAR, Raw Halo, The Raw Chocolate Company and Life Food ( this is of course if we manage not to eat it all first!)

To wash this all down as as its October I think TEA is in order.. so we have a lovely variety of the amazing Yogi Teas available to try, and also some of the new flavours of PUKKA teas.

Come along and help us celebrate our love of beautiful cruelty free food. This is our passion and enjoying it with friends makes it all worth while.
We would be nothing without you so join us for a cuppa and maybe a taste of something you fancy!

As a HUGE thank you to all of our amazing customers we will be offering 10% off your shopping all day to!


Susan xxx